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Violinist Adam Roszkowski & Cellist Jan Roszkowski

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Amidst the pandemic, a group of brothers sought refuge from isolation by merging their love for music with a craving for the outdoors. Their mission was simple yet innovative: use smartphone apps to create musical arrangements and perform iconic songs surrounded by nature's grandeur.


The journey kicked off by the Wisla river, where they debuted with the "Beverly Hills Cop" theme against the backdrop of the South Bridge. The success fueled their ambitions, leading them to Łapszanka and beyond, playing traditional mountain melodies against the stunning Tatra Mountains.

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Venturing abroad, the brothers performed concerts in Armenia and Macedonia, blending music with the untamed nature of these countries during their days off. Late-night arrangements in hotel rooms preceded off-road adventures through the Armenian mountains.


Roshko Hit The Road stands out for their hands-on approach, capturing the essence of each country in their music videos. The project embodies the brothers' dedication to the entire creative process, inviting audiences to join them on a cross-border musical journey that harmonizes with the world's most captivating landscapes.

Roshko Hit The Road vol. 1 / Beverly Hills Cop
Roshko Hit The Road vol. 2 / Lapszanka Valley


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