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Voytek Proniewicz & Duo Roszkowski


Karol Lipiński

Trio in A major, Op. 12

Trio in G minor, op. 8 

Karol Lipiński built a distinguished career in the 19th century. In Vienna, he met Luis Spohr and, in Piacenza, in 1818 he performed together with Nicolo Paganini whom he competed against to win the title of the best violinist. In Paris, it was Chopin who helped him organize a concert. From 1839, he stayed in Dresden where he took up a position of a concertmaster at the Court Orchestra. That was where he played with Ferenc Liszt, cooperated with Richard Wagner and made friends with Robert Schumann. Karol Lipiński was one of the first before Fryderyk Chopin, who made the polish music culture worldwide known.

Projekt Karol Lipiński

Karol Lipiński Project (english)

Duo Roszkowski


In 2008 together with his brother, cellist Jan Roszkowski, Adam co-founded a professional Violin-Cello Duo named Duo Roszkowski. They are cllasically trained but also participate in various projects including improvised, jazz, experimental, theater and film music. The most recent activity was a presentation of a new project called « Tensions » with Adam Bałdych and Krzysztof Dys, polish jazz musicians.

Jan & Adam Roszkowski are principals concertmeisters of Carloforte Festival Orchestra in Sardinia. In 2013 and 2014 Duo Roszkowski has performed over 50 concerts in 10 european countries, in major festivals, cinemas, theaters, jazz clubs with A Gamblers Hand Project. In 2012 two brothers had a great success performing together in Polish Slavic Center in New York City. David Noon, american composer dedicated his Sonata for Duo Roszkowski.

A Gamblers Hand String Quartet

Sean Noonan A Gambler’s Hand chamber music for string quartet and drum set. New York – Polish Collaboration: Creative Chamber, Jazz, Rock, Storytelling, Improvised New Music.

Sean Noonan drum set, composer, storyteller

Adam Roszkowski, violin, Maciej Afanasjew, violin, Magda Małecka, viola
Jan Roszkowski, cello

A Gamblers Hand are suites for amplified string quartet and drum kit/percussion, combines the aesthetics of downtown jazz/rock, improv and storytelling with composition inspired by American experimentalists such as Cowell, Nancarrow and Zorn.
At any particular moment, rock grooves might be locking with insistent string ostinatos, which then morph into spiky counterpoint reminiscent of Bartok. Delicate-harsh writing for the quartet is woven around Seans eclectic, lyrical and organic drumming in a highly original fusion. Noonan narrates the surreal tale from the drum set.

In 2013 and 2014 A Gambler’s Hand has performed over 50 concerts in 10 european countries, in major festivals, cinemas, theaters, jazz clubs and beyond that include EFG London Jazz Festival, Vilnius Jazz Festival, Handelbeurs Ghent Festival and Leeds Film Festival.


Tensions is a scenic quest for tensity and balance between two music styles. Remarkable jazz musicians Adam Baldych and Krzysztof Dys meet Adam & Jan Roszkowski duo to inspire themselves and create an improvising collective that will explore two music worlds – classical and jazz. Prokofiev and Halvorsen vs. original composition by Adam Baldych and Jan Roszkowski.